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Making Panoramas the free way

send mail to peterb Author: Pete Black
Version 1 - 31 May 1999
(New Zealand)

Additional comments on adapting to full spherical: KathyW.

Stitching handheld panoramas with Panorama Tools

Author: Peter Murphy
June 1999

Handheld panoramas captured with a 16mm full frame fisheye on a 35mm standard film-based camera and stitched by hand using Photoshop and Panorama Tools.

Correcting Barrel Distortion with Panorama Tools

Author: Helmut Dersch
June 1999

Using the Photoshop/Gimp plug-in Panorama Tools to correct lens distortions.

Full Spherical hand-held Panoramas

Author: Kathy Wheeler
June 1999

Using Panorama Tools to create full spherical cross-platform panoramas from standard digital cameras using standard lenses.