STOP Legal Terrorism
developers unite

For some time now, certain businesses with large legal budgets have been engaging in questionable tactics, certainly immoral and possibly illegal, in attempts to remove or minimize their perceived "competition".

When that "competition" comes in the form of smaller, independent developers, the results are almost inevitable.

Documented here for you to make your own decisions are the following cases:

The VR Developers Community, in the spirit of solidarity, have raised our voices in an un-precedented chorus of dissapproval and disgust for the treatment meted out to the true innovators within our ranks. We believe competition and innovation is essential for our industry to evolve, and that the current practices employed by certain large businesses are slowly stifiling both innovation and entrepreneurial spirit across a wide range of endeavours.

We fly with defiant pride the following banners declaring our support for freedom from the yolk of oppressive and over-zealous anti-competitive practices:

IPIXFree and proud!
Abbett VR Services (Hawaii) "IPIX Free and Proud!"

STOP legal terrorism - IPIX-FREE!
This site (Australia) "STOP Legal Terrorism"

This Website is 100% IPIX Free
Champagne Design (Canada)

What's in the runes??
"Nix IPIX" (USA)

0 percent IPIX
French protest site (France)

We know other ways
TBK Information & Service - Digital Panorama Technologie (Germany)

Don't pick IPIX
InSiteVR (USA) "Don't Pick IPIX"

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